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Ill Poetic - "Illumination" Definition Music
Catalogue # DEF004

The Midwest Regional debut LP from Ill Poetic, "Illumination" was released in Fall 2005. Featuring such prominent artists as Piakhan, Holmskillit, and Zone (That Dude), "Illumination" was the building block that set the stage for Ill Poetic's national debut "The World is Ours".

1. Speed of Light
2. Seventh Horn
3.The Beautiful (f. Prose)/Reprise
4. Faith Healer
5. Callin My Name
6. One
7. The Rennaissance
8. Imagine Reality (f. HuntorPrey)
9. Right Here (f. Piakhan)
10. Fresh (f. Zone That Dude)
11. Beyond
12. Telephone Wires/Travelin (f. Holmskillit)
13. Yellow
14. Trail of Tears
15. Suicide Note
16. Illumination

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